Pascale Fournier: from Newfoundland to the North West Territories…

Posted on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Professor Fournier is currently taking part in the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference ! On May 22nd 2015, participants, who were chosen nation-wide through a highly competitive process meet in St-John’s, Newfoundland : they come from various fields, from corporate environments and unions to universities or NGOs. They all share in common an inspired will to have an impact on the world and to exercise their leadership qualities by their strong symbolic presence in this adventure.

Assigned to the North-West Territories study group, Pascale Fournier and the 13 other members of her group will have the incredible opportunity to travel 10 cities in 15 days. They will happily go from a city to another, often boarding small planes to reach their destination, visiting all of the following places : St-John’s (Newfoundland), Brigus (Newfoundland), Edmonton (Alberta), Inuvik (NWT), Tuktoyaktuk (NWT), Norman Wells (NWT), Yellowknife (NWT), Fort Smith (NWT), Calgary (Alberta) and Ottawa (Ontario). Several meetings with aboriginal groups are scheduled, which will foster an open dialogue on the impact global warming on food security, treaty recognition and land claims, socio-economic living conditions of local communities and relations with police forces. An evening canoe excursion on Jackfish Lake is even part of the busy schedule !

Back in Ottawa, the group will present its reflexions to Governor General M. David Jonhston, on June 4th and 5th 2015.

Map of Canada with cities visited

Pascale Fournier fishermen, the General Governorl and Martin Thibodeau



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