Minor in law

This program is available only as part of an honours degree or a four-year general bachelor’s degree program. 

Direct admission to this program is not possible. 

The minor in law provides a basic legal education to students not intending to practise law. As a result, the teaching objectives of this program are focused on the study of law as a social phenomenon and on understanding the impact of law on various aspects of society. After completing a minor in law, you’ll have the knowledge required to analyze and understand how law and your main discipline intersect.

With a minor in law, you’ll be eligible to apply for admission to the civil law degree program (LL.L.). If you’re admitted and meet the minimum admission criteria, you may qualify for advanced standing for a maximum of 15 credits of optional courses. 

Advanced standing cannot be granted for DCC2117, DCC2118, DCC2119, DCC3101, DCC3102, DCC3103, DCC3117 or DCC4102 (or equivalents offered in French) because the content of these courses is explored in detail in the mandatory first- and second-year courses of the in LL.L. program. 

Minor in Law

Minimum average required in order to be considered: 3.5

For information on how to add this minor to your main program, visit the Registrar’s page on how to make changes to your program.

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