National program (J.D. / LL.L.)

The LL.L National Program is designed to immerse graduates of Canadian Common Law programs in the civil law tradition. Courses are offered in French.

This one-year program leads to the same LL.L degree that all civil law students obtain. However, obtaining an LL.L in no way guarantees legal employment in Quebec. In particular, requirements relating to articling positions vary among jurisdictions and the availability of these positions reflects the demand for legal services.Please consult Quebec's Bar School requirements. 


This program will enable the holders of a common law diploma to better understand both of the legal traditions of Canada, thus  becoming capable of working in common law and civil law jurisdictions in Canada, as well as the rest of the world. 

In an increasingly globalized market, our graduates have comparative analytical skills that make them an asset to Canadian law firms and to the legal departments of transnational companies. 

The mobility and flexibility that characterize our students enables them to become “national lawyers”, fully capable of understanding and appreciating Canada’s unique bijural and bilingual legal system. Thus making them the ideal candidates to work with international organizations and  the public service.

Who should enroll in the National Program?

  • Persons who want to practice law in Canada or abroad, in a civil law context.
  • Persons who intend to practice law in Quebec with firms or organizations who deal with national and international matters.
  • Persons wishing to work in the bijural and bilingual atmosphere of the federal government and related organizations.
  • Persons wishing to work internationally where knowledge of both legal traditions is invaluable.



The Faculty of Law offers candidates a rich and stimulating curriculum.In order to obtain their diploma, students shall undertake 30 credits, out of which 18 are mandatory courses and 12 are optional courses. For more information pertaining to courses, please consult the general list provided by the registrar at National program – J.D./LL.L., as well as the Course sequence with the fall and winter offer. 



 To apply for admission to the civil law National Program, you must:

  • Have a common law degree from a Canadian law school; or
  • To be about to graduate from a Canadian Common Law School.
  • Have a minimum average of 70%.*

* uOttawa Common Law graduates must have a cumulative Grade point average of 4,0

(please note that the University of Ottawa reserves the right to change minimum required average without notice).



  • Deadline: June 1st. We strongly recommend that you apply as early as January. However, there will be an ongoing admission process until August 1st, if spaces are still available for the program.
  • Admission forms:  
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