International Research Internships

There are several funding opportunities for undergraduate students who wish to conduct a research internship abroad. Some funding programs are restricted to specific disciplines, others are open to all programs namely law.

Consult the list of funding opportunities for international research internships and contact staff members of the Office of Undergraduate Research for more information. The staff is also available to assist you in preparing your application.

Why should you undertake an international research internship? Here are some of the advantages: 

• Specialized research experience
• International networking
• Discover a new country, culture and language
• Determine your ability to work and live in a foreign country
• Gain competitive edge for future admissions or job competitions
• International reference letter
• Explore possibilities for graduate studies or double degree programs

(Source: Office of Undergraduate Research)

For information:

Pascale Lafrance
Director, Office of Undergraduate Research
Office of the Vice-President, Research
Tabaret Hall, Room N108
Tel.: 613-562-5726

Line C. Bissonnette
Manager, International and Community Relations
Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section
Fauteux Hall
57 Louis-Pasteur Private, Room 209
Tel.: 613-562-5800 extension 1736

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