Course of studies

In preparing for your international exchange, pay close attention to the course of studies set out by the Civil Law Section to ensure you complete your program and obtain your diploma on time.

To view your the course sequence for your program, click on one of the links below:

Droit civil
Droit civil with Co-op option
Droit civil et développement international et mondialisation
Droit civil et développement international et mondialis ation with Co-op option
​​​​​​​Programme de droit canadien

You must complete all compulsory LLL courses at the Civil Law Section of the University of Ottawa. 

Preliminary and final course selections

Normally, Civil Law students may take two common law courses and two optional courses outside the Faculty during their program.

In the international exchange program, the Civil Law Section allows you to take five common law courses per term if you travel to a host institution where common law is taught.

Exceptionally, international exchange students may register for one or two optional courses if the host institution is unable to offer five law courses in French, English or another language in which the student is proficient.

You can start by viewing the Civil Law course calendar. Consult the list of optional courses as a guide for your preliminary course selection at the host institution. We recommend that you select courses on international law and comparative law during your international exchange. Optional courses begin at code DRC 4501 and end at code DRC 4830.

You must submit the following information:

  • Course title
  • Number of hours per week per course
  • Number of weeks per term
  • Start and end dates for each course
  • Number of credits for each course
  • Course description. 

View a sample of preliminary course selection submission.

If selected to take part in the exchange program, you will have to confirm, once at the host university, your final course selection. You may use the "Preliminary course selection" document preapprouved by the Manager, adapt it and rename it "Final course selection" if you made changes to your course selection. Please send it to in order to receive confirmation of final equivalences.

Upon receipt of the official transcript from the host university, the Civil Law Section will give credits for the passed courses. The grading scale of the host faculty is in effect during your exchange. This means that a passing mark at the host institution is a passing mark at the Civil Law Section. In case of failed courses, the Section will not be able to give credits.

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