Have you been dreaming of taking part in an international exchange ever since you were in college? Are you wondering whether you can make that dream come true by completing your studies in civil law at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law? The answer is yes!

The Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section, strongly encourages its students to take part in an international exchange during their studies. The Civil Law Section does everything it can to make students aware of this unique opportunity to broaden their studies at a partner faculty of law in another country; studies completed through international exchanges are fully recognized as part of the LLL or another law program being completed.

The International Office of the University of Ottawa, will be organizing two information sessions, one in the fall and one in the winter. Participation in one of the information sessions is compulsory for all Civil Law Section students who want to take part in an international exchange. 

Information sessions for the 2020 fall and 2021 winter semesters will be held online. More information will follow at the beginning of the academic year. Please consult the International Office timetable to find out when and under which format the information sessions will take place.

If you attended a session in the past, you must attend another one during the academic year preceding your planned exchange. At the information session, we:

• describe the participation criteria; 
• remind you how important it is to pay attention to your course of studies so that you complete the number of credits required for your diploma;
• review the events that normally take place during the winter term and that you will be unable to attend if you are abroad; and 
• answer questions you may have.

Individual meetings could be organized if needed.

For more information, please contact the International Office at outgoing@uOttawa.ca.

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