Collegium Civitas - Course equivalences

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Some course codes, titles or descriptions may have been modified and/or cancelled over the years.

Please note that the equivalences listed below have been established by the Faculty of Social Sciences. They are intended for students registered in the LLL and Honours B.A. in International Development and Globalization (IDG) program.

Indian CivilisationANT 3xxx
Political Ideas of Modernity and Post ModernityDVM2750
Violence and Human naturePOL 3162
Africa in the 21st Century POL 3144 
International Relations in the Middle East and Persian GulfPOL 3164
Terrorism and threats of International SecurityPOL 4xxx
Conflict Resolution and Crisis ManagementDVM 4xxx
Energy Security + Terrorism and Threats to International Security   POL 4xxx
Central Europe: Ethnic Diversity and State Borders  ANT 3xxx
Regional Security in AfricaPOL 3144
Social and Economic Geography         POL 4126

Indian Civilisation                                                                        

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