DCC courses offered in Fall

Here's a list of courses offered during the fall term for the General Certificate of Law.


Courses offered in English


Course Code Course Title Professor Syllabus
DCC2117 A Introduction to the study of Law Nelson Ovalle Diaz Syllabus
DCC2118 A General Public Law Lawrence David Syllabus
DCC2303 A Legal Aspect of Human Rights Frederick J. Packer Syllabus
DCC3101 A Law of Obligations Louis-Charles Sirois Syllabus
DCC3102 A Criminal Law Marie-Pier Abel Syllabus
DCC3110 A American System Human Rights Salvador Herencia Carrasco Syllabus
DCC4119 A Selected Topics in Law Frederick J. Packer Syllabus
DCC4162 A Aboriginal Peoples and the Law To be determined Syllabus


Courses offered in French


Course Code Course Title Professor Syllabus
DCC2517 A Introduction au droit Nelson Ovalle Diaz Syllabus
DCC2518 A Droit public général Benoît B. Pelletier Syllabus
DCC2521 A Théorie du droit et sciences sociales Nelson Ovalle Diaz Syllabus
DCC2703 A Dimensions juridiques sur les droits de la personne Joao Gustavo Vieira Velloso Syllabus
DCC3501 A Droit des obligations Louis-Charles Sirois Syllabus
DCC3502 A Droit pénal Simon Pelletier Syllabus
DCC3503 A Droit des personnes et de la famille Maxime Brunet Syllabus
DCC3507 A Droit de l'environnement Monim Benaissa Syllabus
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