The 5th edition of the Sapere Aude public speaking contest

Posted on Monday, March 21, 2016

Les finalistes et les juges

The fifth edition of the Sapere Aude public speaking contest took place on March 16, 2106, at the University of Ottawa's Faculty of law Gowlings Moot Court. Three students from the Civil Law Section had the chance to present their opinion on the following question: « The international coalition against the Islamic State, led by the United States of America, led its first strike in Syria on September 23 , 2014. This intervention had not received the approbation of the UN Security Council nor the Syrian President Bashar al -Assad. The United Nations Charter expressly prohibits the use of force. According to you , is that armed intervention justified from a legal standpoint?” 

The judges panel was composed of Pierre J. Dalphond, retired judge of the Court of Appeal and senior counsel at Stikeman Eliott LLP, Clément Gascon, judge at the Supreme Court of Canada and Céline Lévesque, dean of the Civil Law Section. Each presentation was a maximum of ten minutes, and the judges could interject at any time. 

The public speaker David Di Sante won the first prize, earning the prestigious Shen-Joly cup. The cup is named in honour of Ted Shen and Karina Joly, two students of the Civil Law Section, who passed away tragically in a car crash in 2012. The winner also received a $1000 scholarship. 

The Civil Law Section wishes to congratulate all finalists, Marilyn Rubayika, Ali Alaoui and David Di Sante for their excellent performance!

Author: Élyzabeth Simoneau

Les finalistes Marilynn Rubayika, Ali Alaoui et David Di Sante

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