Congratulations to Professor Jennifer Quaid on completing her Doctorate in Law

Posted on Friday, December 2, 2016

On November 25th, Professor Jennifer Quaid successfully defended her doctoral thesis at Queen’s University, in Kingston, Ontario.  Her thesis, entitled Taking Organizations Seriously: Responsible Agency, Organizations and the Criminal Law, argues that the promise of Canada’s organizational criminal liability regime, enacted in 2004, would be better achieved if we adjusted how we analyse criminal responsibility to reflect the unique attributes that make organizations different from individuals. 

Professor Jennifer Quaid during her thesis defence


The jury was composed of 6 members: Professors Paul Miller (McGill) and Art Cockfield (Queen’s), thesis co-supervisors, Professor Anne-Marie Boisvert (University of Montreal), Professor emerita Laureen Snider (Queen’s) and Professors Wanjiru Njoya and Gail Henderson (Queen’s).

“I very much enjoyed the process of defending my ideas in the company of an extremely talented and knowledgeable group of scholars.  In the coming years, I look forward to exploring the many fascinating questions that flow from the foundational research I undertook in the course of writing the dissertation.  For those who have an interest in this growing field of study, I would love to hear from you! ”

-Professor Jennifer Quaid

Jennifer Quaid is a professor at the Civil Law Section since 2013. An expert on corporate criminal liability, Jennifer Quaid’s work focuses on the theoretical and practical aspects of applying the criminal law to organizations.

Congratulations Prof. Quaid!

Professor Jennifer Quaid and the members of the jury of the thesis defence.



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