EDI in research – Is inclusive research on your mind?

Posted on Monday, September 27, 2021

Do you wish to create a more inclusive research environment that contributes to eliminating the systemic barriers that limit diverse participation in advancing knowledge and research? The Research Office is offering a new resource – EDI in Research – that brings together frameworks, models, and tools about equity, diversity and inclusion in research to help you navigate these issues.

Equity, diversity and inclusion, simply put, means understanding and acknowledging social inequalities and committing to build a more equitable, diverse and inclusive research enterprise.

The resource we have developed draws on several frameworks and programs offered by the Tri-Council agencies to bring together definitions of equity, diversity and inclusion, explaining why they are crucial in research and detailing eight fundamental principles that support the advancement of EDI in research. It also proposes several questions designed to develop best practices for EDI in research, guides us through elements that may prompt new considerations, and offers in-depth examples of ways to advance EDI while building a research team.

An inclusive research environment can only be achieved through informed and intentional thinking on how to embed EDI considerations in research design, methodologies, training, mentoring, and collaborations, as well as how to identify and incorporate best practices. This resource is intended to be used as a way to start a conversation around the principles of EDI in research. We hope to develop and promote a research culture that is more inclusive, while contributing to achieving research excellence.

Click here to access the resource, EDI in Research.

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