Launch of the New Civil Law Research Web Pages

Posted on Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lancement des nouvelles pages sur la recherche

We have launched a new Research section within the Civil Law website, which promises to make it easier than ever to find the research information that matters to you!

Our new Expertise en recherche section will show you the diverse range of topics our professors are researching, highlight specific projects underway across a variety of fields.  The Centres et chaires de recherche section will connect you with some of Civil Law’s core research hubs, where ground-breaking ideas are taking shape on issues of the utmost importance to Canadians.  The Publications des professeurs section displays the most recent books, book chapters, and articles produced by our faculty members, searchable by theme, and with all the information you need to explore the publications further. 

The new site also features a section on Conférences, a link to the exceptional Revue générale de droit and information on Stages postdoctoraux et chercheurs invités.

And this is just the beginning.  We expect the new website to evolve and change as the needs of our users do.  If you have comments on the new website, please send them to  Your feedback is crucial to our ability to deliver a website that meets the needs of all its users.

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