Michel-Bastarache Moot in Language Rights: Best Factum Prize Named in Honour of Pierre Fouch

Posted on Friday, April 24, 2020

Since the fall of 2019, students from law schools across Canada had been preparing for the second edition of the Michel-Bastarache Moot, which was to take place in March 2020 at the University of Ottawa. The 2020 edition would have welcomed participants from law schools from the universities of Saskatchewan, Calgary, Alberta, Manitoba, Moncton, and Ottawa (Civil Law and Common Law sections), as well as lawyers and judges from across the country who were preparing to take on the role of judge in front of the mooters. As the competition had to be cancelled in response to the COVID-19 crisis, the organizers decided to recognize the efforts of the students by continuing to the evaluation of the factums and awarding the prizes for best factums. 

The Prize for Best Factums is Now the “Pierre Foucher Prize” 

The Pierre Foucher Prize is awarded to the two teams of the Michel-Bastarache Moot that obtained the two highest total marks for the factums. This prize is named in honour of Professor Pierre Foucher in recognition of his contributions to language rights and his outstanding work in the defence of minority rights throughout his career. 

He has written extensively in the field of Canadian Language Rights and is regularly invited to give conferences and lectures in Canada and abroad.
Pierre Foucher has received l'Ordre de la Pléiade in 2016 in recognition of his exceptionnal contrinution towards the Francophonie of Ontario.  He also received l'Ordre des francophones d'Amérique in 2017.

The Results : 

Congratulations to the Université de Moncton team (first place) and to the combined team of the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Calgary (second place) who have won the first edition of the Pierre Foucher Prize.   

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