Professor Céline Castets-Renard joins the European Commission's Observatory on the Economics of Online Platforms

Posted on Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Professor Céline Castets-Renard has been selected to join the expert group for the European Commission’s Observatory on the Online Platform Economy. The Observatory consists of 15 independent experts who, alongside a team of European Commission officials, examine emerging challenges and opportunities for the European Union related to the online economy.

As a member of the expert group, Professor Castets-Renard will provide analysis and advice on the evolution of the online platform economy, identifying potential harmful practices and weighing in on important issues such as how platforms collect and use personal data, and how algorithms influence search engine results.

Professor Castets-Renard is a world-renowned expert on Digital law, e-commerce, and the regulation of artificial intelligence. In October 2020, she published Droit du marché unique numérique et intelligence artificielle (Bruylant), which looks at the challenges and opportunities presented by the European Union’s digital single market, as well as the regulation of associated artificial intelligence systems.

Congratulations to Professor Castets-Renard on this prestigious appointment!

Click here to learn more about the observatory and its experts.

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