Rebellions and Civil Wars: Professor Patrick Dumberry publishes new book examining what happens after the fighting

Posted on Monday, November 22, 2021

What happens after the end of a civil war? Who is responsible for wrongful acts committed during such conflicts?  In his new book, Rebellions and Civil Wars: State Responsibility for the Conduct of Insurgents (Cambridge University Press), Professor Patrick Dumberry offers a detailed analysis of questions of State responsibility and attribution arising from the conduct of rebels and governments in situations of civil war.

Rebellions and Civil Wars is the first book published in the last 40 years to provide a comprehensive analysis of this complicated subject. Through a comprehensive survey of State practice, juridical decisions, and scholarly works, Professor Dumberry identifies ten basic rules that can be used by States and tribunals in the establishment of a new government or the creation of a new State after a civil war. The book offers new approaches to both classic and novel questions of State responsibility, exploring the most logical, fair and reasonable solutions applicable to a variety of specific circumstances. It also critically revisits some past solutions that have been put forward by tribunals and scholars, and examines a number of questions that have never previously been addressed.

Rebellions and Civil Wars is a major contribution to the field of public international law. Professor Dumberry’s ten basic rules provide easily accessible guidelines that can be used by all parties involved in arbitration proceedings and State-to-State disputes as well as by international courts and tribunals. Ultimately, this is a fresh and innovative look at a complex and elusive topic.

The book is available in open access via Cambridge University Press.

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