Revue générale de droit and Jurivison: A new collaboration to further knowledge mobilization

Posted on Tuesday, November 23, 2021

A man speaks with a river in the background

The Revue générale de droit (RGD) is very pleased to announce the production of high quality visual publications in collaboration with Jurivision.

This innovative initiative deserves to be celebrated. By audiovisualizing the content of its pages, the RGD ensures an unparalleled mobilization of research knowledge in a format that truly highlights the authors who choose to publish their work.

This first visual publication focuses on a hot topic: An article by Professor Ghislain Otis, Canada Research Chair on Legal Diversity and Indigenous Peoples, and professor at the Civil Law Section, entitled “The ancestral rights of Indigenous Peoples who have not signed the James Bay Agreement: The thesis of unilateral extinction put to the test of fundamental rights”, published in the latest issue of the RGD ((2021) 51:1 RGD 5-66).

As a teaser, here is a brief description of the article:

Nearly 45 years ago, the James Bay Agreement Implementation Act extinguished the rights of Indigenous Peoples in a territory covering 1,082,000 square kilometers. But some non-signatory Indigenous communities still claim their rights to this territory. Law professor Ghislain Otis puts this unilateral extinguishment to the test of fundamental rights.

Jurivision is an initiative of the Civil Law Section at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law. This knowledge mobilization and visual advocacy project aims to foster the sharing of legal knowledge through knowledge-based audiovisual productions.

The collaboration between RGD and Jurivision is made possible through the financial support of SSHRC (via the Aid to Scholarly Journals program) and the Civil Law Section.

More visual publications will follow!

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