The University of Ottawa and Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University create a research first: a mirror chair held by professors Mariève Lacroix and Olivier Gout

Posted on Thursday, October 17, 2019

The University of Ottawa and the Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University, France, have created a chair to study a new and innovative area of research: the avatars of the individual and contemporary issues of liability in private law. This chair, which will take a comparative approach, illustrates the exceptionally influential, enriching, and dynamic natures of both the Civil Law Section at the University of Ottawa and the Faculty of Law at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University.

The particularity of the term mirror chair reflects the chair’s creative power to inspire and promote concepts that are rooted in a common theme as seen through the lens of two civil law systems. Hence, the mirror chair will allow its holders to apply their enlightened perspectives to a similar topic.


Mirror chair to foster collaborative research between chair holders

The Ottawa-Lyon mirror chair will inherently foster research collaboration by pairing two experts in comparative and private law, namely professors Mariève Lacroix (University of Ottawa) and Olivier Gout (Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University).

Mariève Lacroix and Olivier Gout


The launch of the mirror chair strengthens ties between France and Canada

The launch of the mirror chair in Ottawa on October 10, 2019, vigorously and eloquently solidifies and strengthens research collaboration between France and Canada.

In the front row, signing the agreement: Dean Marie-Eve Sylvestre, Civil Law Section; Mariève Lacroix, Civil Law Section chair holder; Olivier Gout, Lyon III chair holder. In the back row: President Jacques Frémont, University of Ottawa and Jérôme Bresson, Minister Counsellor of the French Embassy in Canada.


Those present at the signing, who also gave speeches to launch the mirror chair, were: University of Ottawa President Jacques Frémont; Minister Counsellor for the Embassy of France Jérôme Bresson; Dean Marie-Ève Sylvestre of the Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section; Dean Hervé de Gaudemar of the Faculty of Law, Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University (by videoconference); along with the two chair holders, professors Mariève Lacroix and Olivier Gout.

To read Dean Sylvestre’s speech, click here (in French only).
To see and hear the speech given by Dean de Gaudemar, click here (in French only).


Vice-Dean, Research Margarida Garcia, Civil Law Section; Dean Marie-Ève Sylvestre, Civil Law Section; Jan Matas, CNRS Joint Branch Representative - Université de Lyon au Canada, Professor Mariève Lacroix, chair holder, Civil Law Section; Professor Olivier Gout, chair holder, Lyon 3 University; President Jacques Frémont, University of Ottawa; Professor Céline Lévesque, Civil Law Section; Jérôme Bresson, Minister Counsellor, French Embassy; Vice-Dean, Research Cintia Quiroga, Civil Law Section; and Vice-President, Research Sylvain Charbonneau, University of Ottawa.


Research goals and activities, and dissemination of results

The three-year chair’s collaborative and transnational research will cover the new issues and challenges that artificial intelligence imposes on private law.  Through an intersectional approach to private law and in keeping with an interdisciplinary perspective, the mirror chair’s research activities will centre on two areas of focus that prize basic research as well as applied and partner-oriented research. These areas, which will be set next to current and future technological and normative challenges, will focus on the legal status of a non-human entity and the civil liability of a non-human entity.

The chair will cultivate an environment in which concepts are nourished by the similarities and differences between Quebecois and French legal traditions. It will allow the chair holders to organize scientific events on either side of the Atlantic, disseminate research throughout Canada and France in peer-reviewed publications, and, in the medium term, submit applications for major Canadian and European partnership grants.

In addition, the chair will aim to enrich the leading-edge research training of students. It will act as a genuine incubator that will undoubtedly reinforce the strengths in private and comparative law of two internationally renowned institutions, namely Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University and the University of Ottawa.

For further details, be sure to read the informative PDF pamphlet (in French only).


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