Request for Prior-Learning Recognition

What is prior-learning recognition?

The Admissions' Office of the University of Ottawa does not admit students to Civil Law programs with equivalencies as the first year of study is mandatory. However, if you strongly believe that you have completed some equivalent courses in another Canadian university, prior to the start of your program of study, you can always request for a prior-learning recognition.

College & Cegep students

*NEW* College & CEGEP students can now receive advanced-standing! If you have successfully completed a Paralegal Technology program (DEC) and have the official transcript to prove it (must be confirmed), you can receive the following units in advanced standing:

- DRC1500 (3 units)

- Enseignement clinique I (DRC4819: 6 units) 

These units will automatically be given to you before the start of the program, therefore keep an eye open on your unofficial transcript for more details.

University Students

University applicants who have completed a general certificate in law at another Canadian institution can be recognized advanced standing.

University applicants who have completed a general certificate or a bachelor's degree with a minor in law at the University of Ottawa will be able to receive a maximum of 15 equivalency credits in optional law courses.

International Students

*NEW* International students that have completed a license in civil law internationally can receive up to 33 units of course equivalencies.


How to submit your request?

In order for the Civil Law section to recognize your prior-learning credits, you must fill out the Request for Prior-Learning Recognition form * and provide a copy of your official transcript if the courses have been completed elsewhere.

You may return the signed form along with its necessary documents by email at or drop it off in person at the academic secretariat of the Civil Law section located at 57, Louis-Pasteur Pvt, room 201 (Ottawa, ON) mid-July. Please note that submitting your request mid-July will not affect your course registration as we will take care of doing the necessary changes if you receive advanced standing. 

*This request is free of charge in contrary to what is written on the form.


How many credits can be given?

No more than 30 advanced-standing credits can be given. Exceptions may apply for international applicants only.

Please note that a maximum of 15 advanced-standing credits can be retained if you have completed the General Certificate in Law from the University of Ottawa. For more information, please consult our Licence en droit (LL.L.) webpage.

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