MAY 14-15, 2013 - Symposium on Child Rights Impact Assessment

CALL FOR PAPERS for Students

The well-being of children is significantly influenced by government and institutional policies, legislation, the allocation of resources, programs and services, and administrative decisions. But the interests of and impacts on children are often overlooked in governance processes. Building child-sensitive governance approaches is gaining momentum in Canada and around the world. This international symposium brings together experts from governments, children’s commissioners, and researchers to share insights about the approaches, institutional conditions, benefits and challenges of Child Rights Impact Assessment, as part of child-sensitive governance.
Students are encouraged to submit a short proposal (250 words) for a workshop presentation at the symposium. Topics may include Child Rights Impact Assessment of laws, policies, and programmes (practices, approaches, benefits or challenges), or other impact assessment practices that may be relevant to the development of CRIA and child-sensitive governance more generally.
Proposal may be submitted to Mona Paré, on or before March 31st.


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