The goal of the IRLRC is to facilitate interdisciplinary research on issues related to children’s rights and well-being. The scope of research initiatives undertaken by the members and promoted by the Laboratory is broad and rich. A general framework for understanding the research done at the IRLRC is to recognize children’s unique personhood when considering their rights and emphasizing that children and study of child rights are influenced by the different systems in which they are nested including families, schools, neighbourhoods, legal and child welfare systems, and societies more generally. 

In order to encourage partnerships and joint projects as much as possible, the Laboratory’s Research program is organized under four complementary themes:

1) The Child and the Law

  • Childhood: the right to education and personal integrity.
  • Childhood: vulnerability and marginalized groups.

2) The Child and the Family

  • Lineage and personal identity.
  • Disruptive movements or transfer of children.

3) The Child, the State and Society

  • Protection and delinquency.
  • Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

4) Reflections on Child-Centred Research Methodologies

  • Participatory research with children.
  • Human Rights/Children's Rights Approaches.

Projects are posted in either English or French.

International & Canadian Child Rights Partnership (ICCRP)
Tara Collins

Moving beyond the spanking debate: A call to action
Tracie Afifi and Elisa Romano

Safeguarding child rights and enhancing caregiver responsibilities among Canadian parents of youth who sexually offend
Christine Gervais and Elisa Romano

What do you do when your child has hurt another child?
Christine Gervais and Elisa Romano

Subvention de l’Université d’Ottawa dans le cadre du Programme d’accès à des réseaux de recherche, pour un projet de Réseau international (Le développement du Réseau international et interdisciplinaire sur la gestation pour autrui (RII GPA)) : subvention en deux étapes – en attente d’une réponse pour la seconde étape;
subvention de 2, 500, 000$ sur 7 ans du CRSH pour un partenariat de recherche intitulé : Séparation parentale, recomposition familiale;
l’équipe composée de vingt-sept chercheurs et 18 organismes partenaires est dirigée par Marie-Christine Saint-Jacques, professeure titulaire à l’École de service social de l’Université Laval;
collaboratrice au Partenariat Familles en  mouvance :
Michelle Giroux​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

A Child Rights Based Framework and Evaluation Tools for Anti-Violence Efforts in Schools 
Mona Paré and Tara Collins

How Brains Are Built: The Core Story of Brain Development
Elisa Romano (introduction to the video - originally published in the ACCESS Intergration Newsletter)

The eQuality Project
Valerie Steeves​​​​​​​

Children’s Access to justice

Partnership Development project financed by SSHRC. Involves research projects on children’s participation in judicial and administrative proceedings in Canada, Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

Principal investigator: Mona Paré. Other members involved: Émilie De Bellefeuille, Christine Gervais, Elisa Romano. Partner institutions : Aix-Marseille Université FRANCE; Association of French Speaking Jurists of Ontario (AJEFO) ; Catholic University of Louvain BELGIUM (Centre interdisciplinaire des droits de l’enfant); Government of New Brunswick (Child and Youth Advocate); Leiden University NETHERLANDS, Université Montesquieu Bordeaux IV FRANCE, University of Ottawa (HRREC; LRIDE; Civil Law Section).

L'inclusion scolaire des enfants handicapés en situation minoritaire.
Nathalie Bélanger and Mona Paré
École, handicap et francophonie. Comment pallier les inégalités au sein d’un groupe minoritaire? 
La recherche de l’inclusion scolaire à travers les recours offerts aux familles : perspective comparative canadienne dans un contexte francophone minoritaire 
Les enfants en situation de handicap sévère dans la région d’Ottawa. Revue de la littérature et état des lieux des services et des ressources accessibles à la minorité francophone 

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