Courses and syllabus

Here's a list of courses offered along with their syllabus according to your program of study.


General Certificate in Law & Minor in Law

Licence en droit - In French only


The student is responsible for ensuring that there are no scheduling conflicts among his final exams before registering for classes.


Mid-term exam

Here is the schedule for the mid-term and final exams for the spring / summer 2020 terms.

Final exam

Deferred exams

October 25 to 29, 2021

Exam Consultation Information

May 21 to 26

Outils d'inscription

Registration Dates  

Please consult the following procedures according to your program of study.

Please note that anyone enrolled in the Minor in Law must contact their home faculty to enrol in any classes, including the ones from the minor.

Cancelled and Make-up Classes

Cancelled/Make-up Sessions

General Certificate of Law
Licence en droit (LL.L.)


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