SEEKING: Former international exchange participants 

To promote international partnerships and, more importantly, to encourage more Civil Law students to experience an international exchange, International and Community Relations wants its website to present profiles of former exchange participants who consider the experience as a turning point in their personal and professional life.

Send us your favourite exchange story in 250 words, along with a photo!

  • To spark your ideas, here’s a list of questions:
  • Why did you choose your host institution?
  • How did your course of studies at the host institution contribute to your education?
  • What impact did the international exchange have on your personal and professional life?
  • Following your international exchange, did you go on to graduate studies in law or in another discipline in Canada or abroad?
  • Have you gone back to visit your host institution, city or country?
  • Have you kept in touch with other participants (incoming students from your host institution or students from the University of Ottawa going on exchange to the same host institution or to another partner institution)?
  • In your work, are you required to travel abroad?
  • How did your international exchange make you aware of cultural differences?
  • If you were asked: Are you a world citizen?, how would you answer?
  • If you did this again, would you do anything differently?

Please email your story, along with a photo, to:

Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section

Thank you in advance for sharing your passion for international exchanges!


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