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Alex Ikejiani
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Alexander Ikejiani


Alex Ikejiani is an Environmental Lawyer and a Certified Specialist in Environmental Law. He works for Business/Regulatory Portfolio with the Department of Justice, Canada. Mr. Ikejian’s 23-year law practice primarily focuses on environmental law, regulatory, oceans, and resource management law. Mr. Ikejiani has drafted federal legislation and has worked on several regulatory initiatives. In that capacity, he is well known for his expertise in assessing risk and solving complex issues with government and industry. Mr. Ikejiani has led a series of lectures since 2003 that cover several disciplines at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law, Institute of the Environment, and the Telfer School of Management. These lectures cover various topics, including sustainable development, science and the law, corporate risk and liability.

Professional designations and education include the University of Manitoba, Political Science 94’, Dalhousie Law School 97’. Mr. Ikejiani is a practicing member of the Ontario Law Society and a member of the Nova Scotia Bar Society.

Classe(s) taught:

  • DCC3107 - Environmental Law


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