Special PISTES edition on Return to Work is now available online!

Posted on Wednesday, September 1, 2021

To read the following articles on Return to Work, please visit: https://journals.openedition.org/pistes/6944?lang=en or click on the article of interest to you.


Katherine Lippel and Camille Lanthier-Riopel

Return-to-Work After an Occupational Injury: A Case Study of the Effect of Law on the Experience of Claimants  [Full text]

Maxine Visotzky-Charlebois

“I don’t understand why we have to fight like this”: When the Appeal Process Results in Precarity in Injured Workers [Full text]

Stephanie Premji, Momtaz Begum, Alex Medley, Ellen MacEachen, Daniel Côté and Ron Saunders

Return-to-Work in a Language Barrier Context : Comparing Quebec’s and Ontario’s Workers’ Compensation Policies and Practices [Full text]

Ellen MacEachen, Sonja Senthanar and Katherine Lippel

Workers’ compensation claims for precariously employed workers in Ontario: employer resistance and workers’ limited voice [Full text | translation)

Les défricheurs de PISTES

Entrevue avec Roch Lafrance - Les politiques de retour au travail après une lésion professionnelle et les travailleuses et travailleurs non syndiqué.e.s [Full text in French Only]

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